Posted by Driver8666 on June 9, 2015 
The EPA would throw a fit at all that smoke. Holy (you can fill in the rest with your choice of words).
Posted by scobrown on June 9, 2015 
Hogger must've put the throttle straight in the corner!
Posted by Bryan Jones on June 10, 2015 
That should kill off the mosquito population in that area!
Posted by Dana M. on June 10, 2015 
Wow - I've heard the expression: "Smokin' like an Alco...but never heard: 'smokin' like a GE'?" And I agree with an above comment - the EPA would be throwing a book of "violations" at this display today.
Posted by Rich Brown on June 11, 2015 
YEAH, and throwin' all that soot all over those FRESHLY PAINTED ( but far from "new") D&H boxcars on the adjoining track !
Posted by Rob on June 13, 2015 
Goodness it looks as if the thing is on fire! Looks like the kind of smoke you get when some nut sets fire to a big pile of tyres in a scrap yard !
Posted by Carl Kulzer on June 14, 2015 
Looks like GE out smoking Alco. Thanks for posting.
Posted by Steve Larson on June 15, 2015 
I believe if you're going to do something, do it all the way. GE just put Alco to shame. Thanks for the awesome pic, Rod.
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