Posted by Tom on June 27, 2015 
John, great photo. People, train, color, action to come, nice setting. My PCA. (and now my PC wallpaper)
Posted by John Doughty on June 27, 2015 
Very nice, PCA vote.
Posted by Dana M. on June 28, 2015 
Mr. Crisanti - I must say you have one of a photo with this one...y comments would only echo what Tom said above - "Ditto" - to use an expression of Baseball, not only have you hit one out of the park, but it's a Grand Slam to boot. Remarkable photo - worthy of adding to my "Night Lights" photo album on here. Not only that - I ask your permission to use this on a Facebook group page I have as well which is: "Train / Railfan Photos-Videos Showcase Gallery Extraordinaire" are invited to check out that group page as well, and should you get interested - I invite you to join the group too. Again, this photo is amazing, and worthy to be framed and hung in a "Showcase Gallery Extraordinaire", or in any train room. PCA Vote from me I promise. You have a stunner with this one.
Posted by Steve Larson on July 9, 2015 
I love the Union Pacific, but even more on a rainy night.
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