Posted by Chris Wilson on July 1, 2015 
CN has now in Ontario, four jobs that travel the rails and the bush by air/foot/rail to find the dam's and destroy them. They do cause quite a problem, on our turf too... We destroy them and the next day they are rebuilt!
Posted by Steve Larson on July 2, 2015 
You need Phil & Si Robertson to blow them up. These Duck Dynasty Guys love giving grief to the little dam builders.
Posted by Ted Ellis on July 3, 2015 
Nice photo! The 102 rode up onto the 184 and cleaned off the deck. The other units in the consist were repaired. The engineer told me it was quite the scare and fortunately the lead unit derailed into the upper side of the cut. Had it been the other way it was a long ways down to the Agawa River.
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