Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on July 12, 2015 
Very nice composition and light. Interesting text appreciated.
Posted by JerryE on July 13, 2015 
Just beautiful....err, scenery that is! Are they really open-top cars further along the train?
Posted by BUFFIE on July 13, 2015 
You can see a good view of the open top cars in this shot. They allow for a great 360 degree view.
Posted by Andrew Robb on July 13, 2015 
Love the human aspect
Posted by John Dziobko on July 13, 2015 
A refreshing change from the ordinary views. Many thanks.
Posted by Kevin Madore on July 17, 2015 
Nicely executed! Great timing, perfect composition, expertly exposed and processed. Some photos need a caption. Not this one.
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