Posted by Jean-Marc Frybourg on September 16, 2015 
"This wasn't a railroad for sissies" so you say. Then what would a "railroad for sissies" be? ;-)
Posted by Tom on September 16, 2015 
Just a great shot (again, Ron). Shows it all about rough, tough railroading.
Posted by Ron Flanary on September 16, 2015 
Jean-Marc Frybourg: I would say the railroad around Disneyland would qualify... :)
Posted by AJ Doyle on September 18, 2015 
Not sure if you can still do it today Ron, but in the mid 70's I drove that road (or maybe several roads) from Moffat to get to Winter Park in an old VW Bug in July when there was still a lot of mud and snow up at Rollins Pass. Very scary, especially on the East slope.
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