Posted by Rich Brown on October 5, 2015 
I've always thought that the NYC Budd-cars looked "depressed." They would have looked so much BETTER if the stripes had run the other way - ie going UP from the center to the outer edge. Oh well, its all a moot point now.
Posted by Marty Bernard on October 6, 2015 
Note the under riding third rail and that Croton-Harmon had only one station platform. The RDC looks big in comparison to the motors. Must be a optical illusion. Great photo George.
Posted by pjw1967 on October 6, 2015 
Photo date is 3 days after I met my wife to be and got our new '67 GTO as well.
Posted by George W. Hamlin on October 6, 2015 
Rich: Interesting perspective (on the striping's orientation; I'd never thought about that! Regards, George
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