Posted by Joshua Jankus on October 25, 2015 
There are some wonderful pictures of the Autumn Express on the website today as well. I can see why this photo won screener's choice: The framing and contrast is absolutely excellent. Thank you for some gorgeous northeastern rail fanning!
Posted by Steve Larson on October 26, 2015 
WOW! Thanks, Chase, for sharing your talents with us.
Posted by Herb Brown Jr on October 26, 2015 
Excellent shot.
Posted by Thomas Bookout on October 26, 2015 
I like this new take on Hawks Nest. The color on this day was some of the best I have seen since being involved with the leaf trains. It was amazing how much change there was between Saturday and Sunday in the color too. You picked the right day to photograph.
Posted by Jim Thias on October 26, 2015 
Man, you're so lucky to have such great scenes to shoot!
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