Posted by Nigel Curtis on November 15, 2015 
And sadly, at least 10 persons on board were killed.
Posted by mmi16 on November 15, 2015 
So many questions - so few answers at present.
Posted by Steve Larson on November 15, 2015 
A few years ago, TGV made a claim that there were no deaths on any of their trains/systems in its history. Sadly, that is no longer true. A very thought provoking photo, Reinhard. Thank for sharing.
Posted by Daniel Minaca on November 16, 2015 
I was in the same kind of test trainset for Line Rhin Rhone speed tests on June 2011 (see RPN #369491 for details) where we have reach 359,2 kph this day ! What you must know is that on new line speed tests, the security systems regarding speed control are disabled to reach the max defined speed. The driver of the train is a special driver of the French "rail test agency" who's formed to respect protocols when the run speed is greater as standard commercial speed. The driver have specific instruments for speed control who's different with standard train equipment (see the cabview on my RPN #369491 picture). May be a technical problem appears in this case...
Posted by Sport! on November 16, 2015 
Sad especially in the wake of the Paris attacks....
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