Posted by Steve Larson on January 4, 2016 
I agree with BaronMatt, The black with yellow striping with speed lettering is a classic. Certain publications refer to the red, white & blue as the circus theme. Does that mean that it should NOT be taken seriously?
Posted by tsched on January 4, 2016 
I like both but I thought the real original is the Fireball scheme, which is actually the coolest.
Posted by fastfreightline on January 5, 2016 
I wouldn't say atrocious, but it is an acquired taste. The company officially referred to the paint scheme as Red-White-Black. "Circus" paint was a nickname.
Posted by Eric S. Clark on January 15, 2016 
It is my understanding that WM President A. Grotz wife, picked out the R-W-B scheme. And all you married men know the ol'e saying " Happy wife, Happy life".
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