Posted by pjw1967 on January 8, 2016 
Thank you for the photo and the map. I teach my grandsons about railroading and geography with this site. Looks like the young lady in the pink sweater is protecting her ears from the sound of the engine. Also, when you open the map, it shows the location of numerous "tea gardens".
Posted by David Harris on January 8, 2016 
Fine image.
Posted by Jacques Leblond-Murphy on January 9, 2016 
@pjw1967: you're welcome, glad to help out!

@David: thanks!

Posted by Kurt Wayne on January 10, 2016 
So this IS part of the "toy train" route. I saw a TV special on Indian railways that told about this, and how it was saved from the scrapper's torch. There are some amazing sights on this line, as I recall.
Posted by Jacques Leblond-Murphy on January 11, 2016 
It is indeed, though most of the steam-powered tourist trains only do short hops between Darjeeling and Ghum, about an 8-mile round trip. I think I missed out on the more scenic portions of the line owing to the washouts, but just watching the train wend its way through the middle of the busy main streets in every town, passing within inches of the neighbouring buildings was a hell of an experience.
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