Posted by Steve Larson on January 29, 2016 
This GE doesn't seem to be heavy enough for the BB set of trucks. Just curious on the weight of the loco, Guilherme.
Posted by Nigel Curtis on January 29, 2016 
They have BB trucks because they are narrow gauge and need to spread the axle load. They look odd running on narrow gauge rails
Posted by Welber Santos on January 29, 2016 
The GE BB40-9WM axle-load is about 22tons. They have 176 meter tons of total weight.
Posted by Guilherme Camilo on January 29, 2016 
My friend, this locomotive weighs 160 tons...
Posted by Welber Santos on January 29, 2016 
They've met some changes which increased the weight, as the new bigger tank.
Posted by Jacques Leblond-Murphy on January 30, 2016 
@Nigel, it's not the axle load (I doubt it's an issue on Brazil's heavy-haul railways) but the electrical load that's the limiting factor. The narrow-gauge traction motors are smaller and would be unable to take full advantage of the locomotive's power output with three-axle tucks.
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