Posted by Chris Starnes on April 6, 2004 
Wow....killer shot, Dan. This appears to be a great location and you nailed the shot. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Mark S. Wurst - on April 6, 2004 
Wow, Dan - I second Chris' comments! That's a shot that you can make some money off of!!!
Posted by Dan Klitzing on April 7, 2004 
Thanks very much! Thank goodness for digital, as I was able to experiment with this shot multiple times before ending up with the finished product.
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on April 20, 2004 
Amazing shot...I love the use of the skyline and the station lights...possible cover for a magazine?? Keep them coming.
Posted by Nick Hart on January 6, 2005 
Excellent photo, Dan! This should definately be on the cover of a magazine! :) Nick
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