Posted by Troy Staten on February 18, 2016 
Really nice shot, you have some nice motion while still keeping the image sharp. Would love to know some exposure and camera details.
Posted by Scott Cunningham on February 18, 2016 
Beautiful photograph.
Posted by Ed Mullan on February 18, 2016 
I like the angle of this shot, shows off the 425 at her very pretty best!
Posted by Bob Kise on February 18, 2016 
Nice pan view under difficult lighting conditions.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on February 19, 2016 
You nailed this one, Eli! As mentioned above - just the right amount of blur to convey motion - and rods down, no less!
Posted by Eli Wilson on February 22, 2016 
Thanks everyone! Troy, I was shooting at f/8, 1/80 sec., and at ISO 250. Turned out to be the perfect settings for this shot.
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