Posted by FSWood on March 2, 2016 
Colorful scene. I'm not sure whether the deep green foliage makes the building hues brighter or if the bright building hues make the foliage green seem deeper.
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on March 2, 2016 
A true postcard image! Excellent color saturation.
Posted by Bruce Wilson on March 2, 2016 
A great photo for a travel agent as well as for a railfan
Posted by Sean Mathews on March 3, 2016 
So much going on here color-wise. Great shot!
Posted by Giuseppe Pastorello on March 3, 2016 
Congratulations!!!! Really a beautiful photo. Giuseppe Pastorello
Posted by Jim Thias on March 3, 2016 
Wow...amazing color!
Posted by John Day on March 3, 2016 
This is quite lovely. It looks like a 1960's Kodachrome postcard.
Posted by Gianfranco Berto on March 17, 2016 
John True, a digital Kodachrome :))
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