Posted by FSWood on March 9, 2016 
Why does this have me wanting to say "Walk like an Egyptian"?
Posted by Driver8666 on March 10, 2016 
I'm wondering about the employee wearing a short sleeve shirt when it's snowing.
Posted by Nigel Curtis on March 10, 2016 
Two more persons and you could imitate The Beatles crossing Abbey Road
Posted by VIPE54 on March 10, 2016 
you have made a comment that they sound great when they were started do you have any video of them in action ?
Posted by Driver8666 on March 11, 2016 
Mr. Curtis you are right. Two more, maybe diehard NFL fans in 40 below weather wearing nothing but swimsuits would be perfect.
Posted by john on March 15, 2016 
As a EMD fan I'm not ready to accept the sound of a four-stroke engine in my Emd's. I can't believe that they could not make the 710 tier 4. How do I know that new 1010 engine is not a Emd badged Cat engine? I dread hearing my SD-70 sounding like a junk GE. Good pic John.
Posted by Justin R. Cartwright on June 14, 2016 
John, they don't seem to chug like GE's, but they don't have the EMD whine either... They sound similar to the ET44's but not the same, at least from what I can find on YouTube of the SD70ACe-T4's.
Posted by l1011driver on September 1, 2016 
Well EMD has been pretty bad since the SD50. The ACe's aren't bad maybe this one isn't either.
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