Posted by Tom Farence on March 29, 2016 
In 1966 there were over 135 yard jobs working in any 24hr period in the Milwaukee Terminal. When an engine change was needed at Chestnut Street not far from where this photo was taken(end of line)we would take an FM switcher from the Milwaukee diesel house to Chestnut Street in 8 hrs. It took another 8 hrs. to get back. Back then there was a 16hr law and you needed all of it to make the engine change. On the way you'd pass through seven yards all blind with no rights meaning all moves were on your own. If you encountered an opposing movement you'd duck in the clear on some other track to let the movement by. It got a little harry at times but I only remember one head on between the beer train and a hostler move....there were no injuries that I remember as the collision was at a very low speed. Everyone wanted these moves because they paid 8hrs.overtime. The moves usually were given to the highest seniority Hostlers.
Posted by Marc on October 22, 2016 
Another great shot Greg. You and Farence ever see each other on the other guy's turf? Cool story Tom.
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