Posted by Bruno Dietliker on April 6, 2016 
Georg, incredible shot! Congratulation!
Posted by Donald Faris on April 6, 2016 
Georg thank you for taking the time to post your photos always a joy to see your pictures.
Posted by Dick Carter on April 6, 2016 
Congratulations on your 4000th contribution; what a wonderful shot, a worthy contender to celebrate with. Thank you for your many interesting photos, made even better by the full description normally posted, your work is much appreciated. R.F. Carter (GB)
Posted by Peter G. Chase on April 6, 2016 
Congratulations, Georg, on your 4000th contribution on Railpictures! I think I have downloaded a great many of them.
Posted by on April 6, 2016 
Awesome picture.
Posted by Colin Hakeman on April 6, 2016 
Beautiful shot. Congratulations on the milestone!
Posted by Joshua Jankus on April 6, 2016 
This is a fascinating part of the rail world to capture on camera right now. Excellent subject and great timing; thanks for the great photo!
Posted by Altaf Siddiqi on April 6, 2016 
Indeed, perfect timings
Posted by Brian Stephenson on April 7, 2016 
Well captured Georg and congratulations on your 4,000th acceptance! You may never get such a well timed shot again.
Posted by Jean-Marc Frybourg on April 7, 2016 
Hi Georg, Excellent picture indeed! I have noticed that the entrance (portal) of the new GBT Tunnel has changed since I saw it in 2013 (see picture 451293). Look at the shape of the tunnel roof. Perhaps the first version of the portal was just temporary. Seems also that the tunnel length has increased a bit at this location.
Posted by Georg Trüb on April 8, 2016 
Hi Jean-Marc. No, the portal was not changed since your photo, this is an optic illusion because of the complete other angle. But the roof of the portal was painted grey.
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