Posted by Tom on April 27, 2016 
Nice to see some new ones, but the graffiti vandals will love these
Posted by J.PO on April 27, 2016 
Posted by Konrad Weiss on April 27, 2016 
Actually they might thwart the taggers. Too easy to just wipe it all away with white paint. Maybe they should coat them with non-stick so it just comes off in the wash rack.
Posted by bradley on April 27, 2016 
Agree with Tom. Maybe they should have just painted them with a primer coat and saved the money spent on white paint?
Posted by lancasterguy on April 28, 2016 
Do the railyards have security people to keep people from tagging? They should crack down on it, I believe if you allow the tagging and graffiti it opens the door to more serious and potentially dangerous vandalism.
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