Posted by John West on May 19, 2016 
Since the picture was taken in 1986 I wonder if this unit still exists and what future it has.
Posted by Greg Mross on May 19, 2016 
As far as I know, the units are still up there, stored indoors with a lot of other RR equipment.
Posted by Eric May on May 19, 2016 
Let's hope the current owner has a succession plan in place for long term preservation. From what I have read, they were wisely locked inside after some so called railfans stole parts off the engines.
Posted by Dana M. on May 19, 2016 
John West - the information and "legend" of this locomotive is that it's owned by a private owner, and that he has been approached several times over the years with offers from groups to buy it from him, he's had offers to restore it at no cost to him, to donate it to any museum as a tax write-off, and everything under the sun to get him to part with it so it could be restored or properly cared for and properly displayed - all for naught. Apparently the owner is a very stubborn person who is keeping this unit and several artifacts of railroad memorabilia all for himself and very selfishly at that. At least it's been kept indoors out of the elements, but at what cost and still what condition it is in remains to be determined. I wish SOMEONE had enough sense to talk to someone in the family to convince the owner to sell it and get it restored to operate on a tourist line somewhere. But that's the information that I know about the situation regarding this locomotive and the other railroad equipment in the private collection.
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