Posted by on June 12, 2016 
It appears that one more row of power has been added recently. The one one the left was not there last month while I was there.
Posted by Troy Nolen on June 13, 2016 
I was there the first weekend in May for the 611 runs. It surprised me how many stored SD70's there were. The GE junk doesnt surprise me at all. But there were a LOT of SD70's, looks like even more now. Lots of high-hood GP38-2's too, which it's my understanding they are storing till they can rebuild them. What I don't understand is why NS is still buying new power with all this stored stuff. Certainly the SD70's are servicable. Does anyone know the story of those?
Posted by Jay Hawthorne on June 13, 2016 
I take it that Business is down a little.
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