Posted by Nate Murry on June 16, 2016 
While I appreciate it's historical value, this recent set of images is pretty depressing. It stings seeing all of my favorite locomotives in the dead line or being scrapped, especially the AEM7s, (I suppose only true railfans could relate). Funny how you take some things for granted and really notice it when they're gone. Time marches on, I guess.
Posted by George W. Hamlin on June 16, 2016 
Great history-in-the-making!
Posted by Matt Maloy on June 17, 2016 
I think 408 should be completely restored, cosmetically and mechanically, and be used on the display train with 406.
Posted by Conrail Witty on June 17, 2016 
Great image. Love telephoto shots of equipment lines.
Posted by Robert Briscoe Jr. on June 20, 2016 
The F40's were apart of Me and My Dad's Life as He was Assigned in Albany 1985-2002 and I Wish Amtrak Brought these F40's Keeping The F40's with "Everything" Original Instead of The NCPU Crap, They Were The "King Of The Road".
Posted by cabman701 on June 22, 2016 
F40's with the two strobe lights on top running. That is how I remember Amtrak when I was growing up.
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