Posted by Jeff Swanson on July 2, 2016 
With all of the iron ore dust and 'crud' that must be prevalent in the area, it seems that the local company/workers(?) takes pride in keeping their equipment clean = pride in their job. Good to see.
Posted by Steve Larson on July 2, 2016 
Love the old GP30, now GP39M. As commented above, everything is spotless. Is the MP15 BNSF? I see the Orange, I even see the swoop, but no BNSF. Neither MP15 Switcher has BNSF on it.
Posted by Dave Schauer on July 2, 2016 
Steve - when BNSF changed many of their local units to GN reporting marks they painted out BNSF on the sides. This was done to free up switcher numbers for road units operating under BNSF reporting marks.
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