Posted by Paul Surguy on August 5, 2016 
There is a green signal with a train in the block could someone please explain this,when the trains going the other way,but a great picture
Posted by Dale Roth on August 5, 2016 
Do they have signals today?
Posted by Craig Walker on August 5, 2016 
Block signals were installed not long after this photo was taken (about 1980 or 1981, I think). As for the green indication on the trainorder signal, I have (so far) struck out on what that indicates. Perhaps someone with firsthand knowledge (aka: a former SP employee) will post a comment here...
Posted by bradley on August 5, 2016 
Paul, this is just a guess, but I think the green signal you see simply means there is no train order to be picked up. Notice the poles next to the track with the "Y" shaped extensions. These are where train orders would be placed for the crew to grab. When orders are to be picked up, the light would be red. On the MP, years ago, their was a similar light. It flashed to differentiate it from the regular signals. Not sure if the SP was the same or not.
Posted by MArailfan on August 5, 2016 
My guess is that the signal post has nothing to do with rolling trains-it might be actuated by the crew in the trian-order station...
Posted by paul catapano on August 6, 2016 
TTTO ended in 1983 on the SP. Its a T.O. signal.
Posted by J Moller on August 6, 2016 
CTC. was installed iabout 1980.
Posted by Steve Hastings on August 6, 2016 
Yet another great shot from the past. Those were truly the good days.
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