Posted by Iben WerkinonnaRR on August 5, 2016 
Beautiful! Nicely done.
Posted by Pete Harter on August 5, 2016 
Just beautiful, with the reflection and clouds, and the silver train cars. Thank God for the great scenery. This is a long way from the Moffat Tunnel though!! Ha!
Posted by Curious142 on August 5, 2016 
Wow! I didn't realize that the Moffat Tunnel Sub went all the way to Alberta (Canada) from Denver, Colorado (USA). Learn something new every day. Very pleasant scene.
Posted by Christian Wenger on August 6, 2016 
Great panoramic Scenery, what a Luck with Clouds and Reflections!!
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on August 6, 2016 
Totally nice work, great reflection and great scenery.
Posted by Jason Cary on August 6, 2016 
Thanks Guys. As for the Moffat Tunnel Subdivision, the train is reminiscent the Colorado Zephyr with those domes :)
Posted by Carl Kulzer on August 6, 2016 
Magnificent photo. PCA from me, and thanks for posting.
Posted by Herb Brown Jr on August 11, 2016 
Excellent reflection.
Posted by Daniel Fredrickson on October 6, 2016 
Well done!
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