Posted by Steve Larson on September 14, 2016 
I am curious as to the wheel arrangement. Overall, a wonderful photo, Noppanut.
Posted by pjflstc on September 14, 2016 
I'm sure they built their steam locomotives very fuel efficient too. Japan is a volcano with no fossil fuels. Those fuels all came by boat to Japan.
Posted by John West on September 16, 2016 
Great photo, looks like a fascinating collection. I seem to remember some of that stuff in regular service when I was there in the early 60's. The class C57 pacific's like the C57 135 were pretty little engines that I saw when they ran between Sasebo and Nagasaki, and were stabled at Haiki.
Posted by Dana M. on January 11, 2020 
First - Beautiful photograph! Nicely captured, well framed, and a lot to look at and study. Second - in reply to Steve Larson who asked about the wheel arrangement of this locomotive - it is a 4-6-2. You can see a better view of this class of locomotive in photos 478469 and 575900.
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