Posted by L&N_55 on September 21, 2016 
It is always a disgrace to me that some railroad museums let many of the artifacts they acquire simply rot away. No other type of museum allows such carnage. If they donít intend to maintain them, why bother. Visitors donít want to see rusting hulks that use to be a piece of treasured railroad equipment.
Posted by Ringo Clark - on September 21, 2016 
A once Proud Girl hauling freight , now she spends her days slowly rotting away ! Hopefully, someday, she'll be given a full restoration and maybe brought back to life mechanically
Posted by Dana M. on September 22, 2016 
I actually had the opportunity to walk around on the walkway of this once beautiful locomotive. It was still relatively new to the museum at the time and looked very majestic. It's a shame that museums and their "Board of Directors" get way too "greedy" with always wanting to add to the museum collection, and yet neglect the equipment they already have. I used to be a member of a known "museum" (now a "scrap-yard" collection of railroad equipment that is only worth the cost they could get from scrapping it) in Worthington, Ohio and I saw first hand how the Board members behave and run a museum. All they seemed to care about was what they could get OUT of the museum instead of actually putting money IN to specific accounts that could have been used to cosmetically or fully restore some of the equipment. Perhaps the IRM could do what the St. Louis Museum folks did with their EMD DDA-40X Centennial and send this beast to Altoona, PA and let the folks at the Norfolk Southern shops cosmetically restore this grand locomotive.
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