Posted by Scott Cunningham on November 18, 2016 
Posted by J. Morton on November 18, 2016 
Wasn't the loco is Silver Streak 4070?
Posted by John Dziobko on November 18, 2016 
This is one beautjfull picture. Many thanks.
Posted by Steve Larson on November 24, 2016 
Whether Morant's Curve or God's Curve, the results are truly spectacular, Bill. Thanks for posting.
Posted by Ed Mullan on November 26, 2016 
Wonderful shot, boy what I'd given to ride thru there in one of the two short domes!
Posted by on November 27, 2016 
What a difference 40 years can make. From once being wide open and easily photographed - to being on the verge of grown in! Great look back.
Posted by Matthew Robson on November 28, 2016 
Posted by Carl Kulzer on October 18, 2017 
Thank you Bill for posting this spectacular photo. Very beautiful power, train, and what a marvelous location. Best regards.
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