Posted by Dana M. on February 13, 2017 
Interesting photo Joe - nice use of the light. Creeping over the Salt River Bridge is right, depending on the age and maintenance of the thing, the crew was probably crossing fingers and toes that they would make it without incident. As for the ''mattress pad'' hanging off the back end - perhaps the crew had been sleeping in the caboose and had done laundry, and were hanging the bed sheets out to dry? Or possibly, in case the train picked up too much speed with the High-Wide load, they would be deployed as make-shift 'parachutes' to assist in slowing the train? LOL!! I'm leaning toward the laundry excuse though!
Posted by bradley on February 13, 2017 
I'm guessing they washed it and it's out to dry?
Posted by Rich Brown on February 13, 2017 
I have known of technical / security crews that travel in a nicely equipped caboose along with a specific load from Point of Origin until it is delivered to the receiver. DOD does this ( at least used to) with some specific military shipments.
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