Posted by Peter Lewis on February 27, 2017 
Congratulations, Grady, on the screeners choice! A beautiful train, day, and location! Nice to see it all come together for you.
Posted by Sid Vaught on February 27, 2017 
I'm wondering where it was going.
Posted by Troy Nolen on February 27, 2017 
What train was that? Thought there was only the Spruce Pine local and Q696 and Q697 were the only trains on this section of the Clinchfield now... guess it was lucky to get a train
Posted by Steve Larson on February 28, 2017 
What a glorious photo, Grady.
Posted by Grady F. McKinley on March 1, 2017 
Sid, this train was running to and from the Brice steam station at Cliffside. It's empty Limestone. Troy, this move came from Corbin, to the plant and returned north via the CV (Hagins Switchback). This is the second one to run in the last two weeks. We've heard rumors and rumblings that some traffic will return, but to date nothing concrete.
Posted by John Westfield on March 1, 2017 
Great picture Grady. It is interesting that CSX hasn't upgraded their AC6000CW locomotives with newer engines.
Posted by Sid Vaught on March 1, 2017 
It's my understanding that some have 6000 HP 16 cylinder GEVO engines. I know they use them overseas. I haven't figured out why BNSF doesn't just do that instead of dragging two unpowered axles arouund.
Posted by Dave Blaze... on March 22, 2017 
Excellent shot and nice to see a little life still left in the old CC&O
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