Posted by C H on March 12, 2017 
Thankfully there is a good number of these guys making of the storage lines and back out on mainlines even on coal trains. We've had 5 different sd70MAC's in the past 8 months on the Cody Local in Wyoming.
Posted by OT LOCAL on March 12, 2017 
Am amazing photo,but kinda sad the SD70MAC's,are one of my favorites.
Posted by John Westfield on March 13, 2017 
It seems that there is coal service up in Montana. I wonder why BNSF has just stored them here. I sure hope they return to service.
Posted by john j schindler on March 14, 2017 
Hey BN, Park the Stupid sounding GE's, Not the awesome sounding EMD's!
Posted by Whitecamry on July 10, 2017 
The last photo I saw of this many locos parked on one track was of GG-1s at Wilmington, DE, in 1980. Hopefully, these won't suffer the same fate.
Posted by MRL4403 on October 13, 2017 
Man, right now it sure seems like a lot of locomotives are being used. I have seen the SD70MAC's coming back in force with one on almost every other if not every coal train I have seen lately. Hopefully they can make it back into service. (side note, it may also means newer and better locomotives are being used instead, but unsure what types of locos are there besides the MAC's, which are being outclassed by new engines)
Posted by Stuart Crane on December 12, 2017 
Never a positive look for the economy or foamers.
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