Posted by miningcamper on April 3, 2017 
Is it my imagination, or does this design have a huge blind spot to the right?
Posted by Peter G. Chase on April 3, 2017 
OK, no disrespect to "Star Spangled Banner," but...why?
Posted by FSWood on April 3, 2017 
Emergency exit in cab roof is something I didn't expect.
Posted by thewiz on April 3, 2017 
The cab looks claustrophobic. Couldn't they have made the windscreen wider?
Posted by Craig Walker on April 4, 2017 
The view out the front didn't seem overly impaired while sitting in the chairs. And the front ends of these have a LOT of heavy bracing, which is why the front corners appear to have blind spots. I've seen some newer automobiles with blind spots here, too, and in an automobile that lack of visibility is a much larger issue.
Posted by Torker on May 3, 2017 
I'm surprised that there's no cab signaling, at least none that I recognize as such. Xmas tree lights on the window's center pylon.
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