Posted by Sid Vaught on April 18, 2017 
You don't find a consist like that everyday. Great catch.
Posted by Troy Staten on April 18, 2017 
Neat shot, looks like my Lionel set from 1952.
Posted by BUFFIE on April 18, 2017 
Wouldn't it be something to see that today?
Posted by Patrick McColgan on April 19, 2017 
The sight of warbonnet F-units leading a freight looks a little unusual to me, but it still doesn't take away from how great they look in that paint scheme!
Posted by showalterbj on April 19, 2017 
Some of EMD's finest, in terms of appearance. And the warbonnet scheme is a superb fit.
Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on May 1, 2017 
Classic photo!! I am impressed that you were shooting F7 War-bonnets and not watching the Apollo 11 Moon Landing-- tough choice!!
Posted by C.M.St.P.& P. on May 2, 2017 
Extra cool to also see on a "Super C".
Posted by Paul G. Springfield on May 5, 2017 
Love these old Santa Fe's!!
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