Posted by Janusz Mrozek on May 3, 2017 
Nice light and cool to see such an extensive portion of the train.
Posted by Troy Nolen on May 3, 2017 
Nice shot, PCA!
Posted by Paul G. Springfield on May 3, 2017 
The record rainfall in the area actually occurred in 1883-1884
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 6, 2017 
Spectacular! Everything fell into place here - from the weather, the waves, a train actually showing up, lol - and the traffic conditions. And, of course - the photographer! PC in lieu of the strangely absent SC.
Posted by Austin Beede on May 9, 2017 
Another factor in the number of flowers on the hillside is the fact that these hills burned in a wind driven wildfire on Christmas night in 2015. It destroyed all the chaparral that covered the hills, leaving plenty of soil and room for the mustard plants to grow. Beautiful shot.
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