Posted by beano on June 28, 2017 
What a score with this shot Marty, three cabooses and three different types... the rear one is not a wide vision caboose . The middle one is a Frisco different kind of windows and the top side window is actually two different windows on a wide vision cupola . The caboose trailing the two loads of lumber is another wide vision caboose but just a wee bit different the windows are not plated over and the top side window is a single window. The seat up top inside flips forward and backward for bi directional viewing. Kind of interesting to note the different styles of Cabooses on various railroads. The two lumber loads on those flat cars well I wish they still hauled lumber that way, the lumber cars they use these days sure are ugly especially when their mty,but they sure rock an roll a lot. Thanks for sharing Marty. All aboard !
Posted by showalterbj on June 29, 2017 
I've seen many remarkable photos from Roger Puta on this website. Too bad Roger didn't leave notes with explanations. For example, was this photo capturing the transfer of cabooses to a dead line or something?
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