Posted by Mitch Goldman on June 29, 2017 
What a site! And what a sight, I might add!
Posted by Carl Kulzer on June 30, 2017 
Outstanding night shot. The little Joe was one big locomotive. Thanks for posting, and best regards.
Posted by Greg Mross on June 30, 2017 
This is one operation I really wish I could have seen....
Posted by Troy Nolen on June 30, 2017 
Nice shot, PCA!
Posted by Sport! on June 30, 2017 
Time Stand Still
Posted by Marc on July 2, 2017 
Great shot of a scene I to wish I could have seen. PCA
Posted by C.M.St.P.& P. on July 3, 2017 
The ghostly images of the crew would seem to foretell the future.
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