Posted by Károly Szélig on July 11, 2017 
What a nice shot! PCA
Posted by Matthew DeLanghe on July 11, 2017 
Beautiful photo!
Posted by Alexander Anichkin on July 11, 2017 
Really cool shot, Frank!
Posted by Mark Rosnick on July 11, 2017 
Amazing shot Frank
Posted by John Shine on July 13, 2017 
Wow, what a Spectacular shot Frank!
Posted by Scott Cunningham on July 13, 2017 
Posted by Mike Antal on July 30, 2017 
There's glint...and then there's GLINT...nicely done. A few minutes later and that first light intensity would have waned. Proof if there was any that there is in fact railfan divinity...they just always seem to hurt more than they help hehe.
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