Posted by Greg Mross on August 2, 2017 
OK, let me just say...that is really, really cool!
Posted by John West on August 2, 2017 
Way cool.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 2, 2017 
OK... is what you say when time stops for a second to gaze at the screen at absorb the scene and having said that, I'll echo Greg's comment above. I'll add, what a wild scene to model! Rarely it seems scenes like this are shared from the West Coast. Thanks Marty, for sharing Roger's works!
Posted by FSWood on August 2, 2017 
Took a moment to sort out whether that grey tower is on tug or carfloat; it is on carfloat.
Posted by James Burlington on August 2, 2017 
So the ATSF had to ferry cars across the San Francisco Bay? Does BNSF still do that in the Bay Area?
Posted by Greg Mross on August 2, 2017 
Can anyone ID the boxcar on the left?
Posted by Paul Surguy on August 2, 2017 
A number of Railroads had tugs Southwest airline was started by the Santa to get its crews home
Posted by Tom on August 2, 2017 
Starting to scroll through the day's offerings on this website and this one definitely caught my eye. One of the best pictures I've seen, Marty.
Posted by Troy Staten on August 2, 2017 
Thanks for showing us this wonderful shot of a bygone era. Bay area railroading less colorful and varied now.
Posted by Paul P on August 2, 2017 
You, as the photographer, should just be glad you were there to capture this. Outstanding image and more than that, a scene that will never be replicated.
Posted by John West on August 2, 2017 
I had to check a map to get my bearings. Looks like the "back side" of the Tiburon peninsula in the background, and Roger was standing near the Point Richmond dock. 1972 was fairly late in the game, so I don't know whether the Santa Fe barges still served the NWP at Tiburon, probably not. The boxcars and their ownership suggests either paper or lumber headed for ATSF's San Francisco isolated industrial trackage. Not long after this picture was taken the SP started hauling the Santa Fe traffic to San Francisco and the barge operation was abandoned. Both the WP and ATSF had car barges/ferries to service industrial trackage in SF. Not only are the barges and ferries gone, but for the most part so is all the rail served industry and the tracks.
Posted by xBNSFer on August 3, 2017 
Santa Fe's Bay Area yard was in Richmond, CA and there San Francisco customers had to be served by car ferries; Santa Fe never had a direct rail connection into Oakland/San Francisco proper. BNSF today has trackage rights (received at the time of the UP-SP merger) to reach the Port of Oakland over UP. Car ferry service is long gone, with any rail served industry probably receiving its freight via trailers or (now more likely) containers trucked from the intermodal terminals - which would have been from the Santa Fe intermodal terminal at Richmond pre-1996, or (now) either from Richmond or brought into Oakland and trucked from there.
Posted by Greg Mross on August 3, 2017 
I think service ended in 1984....
Posted by Steve Larson on August 7, 2017 
I absolutely love & cherish this old photo. PCA for me. Roger was in the right place for this shot.
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