Posted by Troy Staten on September 19, 2017 
Great shot, I have a family member whose long gone cousin worked for the Santa Fe back in the 50s and that sort of thing happened often.
Posted by D.Carleton on September 20, 2017 
Wouldn't want it to go to waste, eh?
Posted by Steve McClenney on September 20, 2017 
Beer and wing's
Posted by FrankS on September 20, 2017 
Schlitz - The Beer that made Milwaukee famous!
Posted by Steve Black on September 20, 2017 
One GTW's very cool, in my opinion, 0-8-2's is pushing the Detroit Big Hook. Keep up with posting these great shots from long ago!
Posted by Tom on September 20, 2017 
Years ago after a derailment, my brother had a railroader friend who picked up CASES of 35MM film. It went out of date before we could use it all.
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