Posted by Joe Vittitoe on October 29, 2017 
Awesome image!
Posted by Frank Keller on November 1, 2017 
That is a real beauty. The colors of the train blend so well with the surroundings. Very nice
Posted by Jim Thias on November 1, 2017 
Posted by Tom Starr on November 3, 2017 
Now, this is the way I want to remember the P. & W. RR =Providence and Worcester RR! Thank You Marc Glucksman for sharing your P. & W. RR photo.
Posted by Dave Blaze... on November 4, 2017 
Well done sir! I'm glad someone else got out and did some drone work since I couldn't make it back south and east this year. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Eugene Armer on November 4, 2017 
Nice! Well done on the POTW!
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