Posted by Mike Danneman on December 7, 2017 
You definitely got a clean (new) one!
Posted by Jim Thias on December 8, 2017 
One of my favorite places on this earth. Nice catch!
Posted by Oliver Porter on December 8, 2017 
Awesome shot - but 2681 is not an ES44AC, it is an ET44AH...telltale slanted wing radiator structure.
Posted by Jason Cary on December 8, 2017 
Thanks for the Compliments... Oliver yes it is a ET44AC Tier IV. I thought that what I selected... I will correct....
Posted by showalterbj on December 8, 2017 
Trailing unit looks like it has been left out in the sun a little too long.
Posted by John Westfield on December 11, 2017 
I like calling those Tier IV GEVOs "tent vents" due to the shape of the radiator vent.
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