Posted by John Simpkins-Camp on December 14, 2017 
This image absolutely JUMPS off the screen!! WOW!! PCA nominated.
Posted by James R Doughty on December 15, 2017 
Stunning photo Tim. Great sunset. PCA vote.
Posted by MIke Knuckey on December 15, 2017 
Five minutes thinking on what to comment... I just can say WOW! Perfect photo!
Posted by Brama on December 15, 2017 
From seeing the thumbnail I thought it to be a NS corporate picture. Great work an PCA from me.
Posted by John Doughty on December 15, 2017 
PCA vote! How this did not get a screener's choice award or photo of the week is beyond me. Excellent photo.
Posted by Timothy E. Pavlic II on December 15, 2017 
John, this is the 4th ariel photo of this location I've submitted of this location since September. The first was POTW (and in my opinion, didn't really deserve it--its cloudy, though being a bird's eye view you can't tell). But that's not why I submit stuff anyways,

That said, I really appreciate that you and others think highly of this image. Thank you!
Posted by Chicago Line Railfan on December 15, 2017 
Very, very cool.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on December 15, 2017 
Posted by Luke Harshbarger on December 18, 2017 
Absolutely phenomenal - not sure Tim, but, you may have outdone yourself with this one. There just aren't adequate adjectives in the english language to describe how great this shot is!
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