Posted by Jon Wright on January 10, 2018 
A funny thing, this engine was still in Conrail Blue until a few months before this shot was taken. Notice there is no "Winchester and Western" stenciling on the body and in fact, that and the top is still blue to this day.
Posted by Curious142 on January 11, 2018 
How long ago was it weak and weary? What cured the weakness and weariness? Just curious.
Posted by Jon Wright on January 11, 2018 
Before these first generation EMDs GP's were brought on site in the 1990's, they used an assortment of old Alcos, ex SP S6's, an old EMD SW1 from the B&O and a 70 tonner when they switched from steam in 1952. The most they could take at one time was 5-8 cars. Both track conditions and weak power for the grades the railroad had to take made for long days of doubling trains to get from Gore to Winchester and back.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on January 12, 2018 
Simple paint scheme - I think they're sharp looking loco's. Thanks for posting Jon
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