Posted by Sean Mathews on February 12, 2018 
Nice atmosphere!!!
Posted by J Neu, Berlin on February 12, 2018 
Wow !
Posted by Troy Nolen on February 12, 2018 
Nice shot! PCA vote from me!
Posted by henry elliott on February 12, 2018 
Posted by Kevin Madore on February 12, 2018 
You can always tell a real steam shed by the "God Beams" coming through the windows. Nice capture, Dave. This looks like a pretty cool place.
Posted by davehewitt on February 12, 2018 
thank you for your comments. This is Marley Hill shed and was first used in 1854. This makes it the oldest working shed in the world as it have been used consistently since that date.
Posted by Dean Kershner on February 21, 2018 
Are my eyes playing tricks with me? Are those wooden rails instead of steel?
Posted by davehewitt on February 21, 2018 
They are planks of wood which are used to cover the inspection pit which is underneath. The rails are steel as you would expect
Posted by dacurd on February 22, 2018 
Mesmerizing picture Dave, this is what raiolfanning is all about
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