Posted by miningcamper on February 25, 2018 
Certainly rates an honorable mention for 4-8-4 beauty. (The stack and headlight lose a few points.)
Posted by Ed L on February 27, 2018 
As rail fans we talk about the great locomotives Baldwin produced but as a retired commercial photographer I would like to say a word for the photographers who took these images. I'm guessing they were done with an 8x10 camera and the finest grain film available at that time. They were shot on bright overcast days producing no hard shadows with optimum detail. Back then there were craftsmen who could silhouette negatives, an art that died along with film. It could have been printed and then the print silhouetted and then copied but the quality is so good I don't think they were copied. However it was done, we should give these great old photographers their due for capturing these great old engines, making them works of art.
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