Posted by Dana M. on March 5, 2018 
Sam - Tom Golden has a wonderful photo here of the 1218, but that is NOT Marion, OH! I should know, since I railfan there often, and I have never seen anywhere in Marion that even resembles this scene. The only location in Marion that the NS crosses a diamond in Marion is at Marion Union Station and AC Tower, but that is all double-track main for both NS and CSX - both CSX diamonds too are double-track. Unless I am possibly mistaken, and someone who knows Marion, OH better than I do can clear up the identity crisis - this is not Marion, OH. At least nowhere in Marion that I know! I may have not discovered all of Marion though if this is indeed taken in Marion. Still, a very good photo, nice perspective of this locomotive!
Posted by Jeff Sell on March 6, 2018 
While real diamonds are known for being the strongest substance on Earth, this photo shows you how to crush a diamond!
Posted by Whit Wardell on March 6, 2018 
That's Chillicothe, OH not Marion.
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