Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on March 25, 2018 
This is so powerful and again, timeless shot.
Posted by Chris Mohs on March 26, 2018 
Classic, well done Mitch.
Posted by J. Randall Banks on March 26, 2018 
This shot could've easily been taken 80 years ago. great shot.
Posted by John Doughty on March 26, 2018 
PCA vote, great photo.
Posted by Tom Starr on March 27, 2018 
Superbly done! Kudos to Mr. M. Goldman for sharing his photo with us, it is appreciated.
Posted by Steve Larson on March 30, 2018 
This is why we become enamored with trains. PCA.
Posted by Michael Biehn on April 2, 2018 
Posted by Nick Stewart on April 4, 2018 
2018 or 1918?
Posted by Jorge on April 6, 2018 
Two At One Time, Side By Side. Fantastic!
Posted by Scott Markloff on April 6, 2018 
Congrats Mitch. You deserve it. A well done photo. Plus I feel a little bit like I won because I voted for this one. Most of what I vote for doesn't make it.
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