Posted by Matt Donnelly on March 30, 2018 
Love it! Always wondered if anyone has taken a shot like this and figured it might work well when I was passing by this location on the train. The tracks are at the right height, but too bad the power plant or whatever that is in the background is so ugly.
Posted by Dana M. on March 30, 2018 
Interesting photo opportunity now gone. In a question relating to Matt Donnelly: I wonder how many "long balls" (homeruns) were hit into right field, and ended up cracking a train window or two over the years?
Posted by Brandon Traynor on March 31, 2018 
My soul is crushed to know that baseball and trains (my favorite 2 things in the world) won't be witnessed here again...
Posted by Tom Gorton on April 2, 2018 
This reminds me of Hammonasset State Park and beach in Connecticut where the Northeast Corridor trains run a few yards from those on beach blankets. 60 years ago my mother would take us to that beach and the trains were a major fascination. I was there again in February 2018 and the fascination is still there. Some things never change!
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