Posted by A.J. Smith on June 14, 2004 
Awesome...most rail photographers would wait a lifetime for such a shot! Perfect!
Posted by Chris Paulhamus on June 22, 2004 
Really nice job, Moe. You left here and in less than 2 weeks, you've got yourself a Photo of the Week! Enjoy your retirement!
Posted by on June 22, 2004 
Cool shot, I was wanting to know what your camera set up was and what size lens you were using. It looks great!
Posted by Tim Corbett on June 24, 2004 
Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Words can't express how absolutely awesome that is.
Posted by George W. Hamlin on June 25, 2004 
Great shot, Moe!
Posted by Nick Hart on September 10, 2004 
Spectacular shot!!!! WOW!!!!! :)
Posted by Nscalemike on September 6, 2008 
Ok, its 4yrs later...I just found this image in the data base... Really dramatic capture Moe.
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