Posted by on May 3, 2018 
Ah....Your tuggin at my heart strings Marty! Beautiful appears to be the 33C on the point as it had a Leslie S2MR on the left side then went into commuter service I believe that same year sans the steam generator for an experimental alternator that ran off the #2 engine. It appears there is a deadhead diner behind the baggage car or possibly two working diners that day for demand. I also see the Conductor leaning out the dutch door on the head coach to get a look at the train order board at St.Croix tower.....and I think the 33C resides at the Illinois Railway Museum as we speak.......I'm still looking for that photo of you leaning out a CB&Q caboose cupola on one of the Q steam excursions back in the early 60's......Tom.
Posted by Greg Mross on May 3, 2018 
Very cool. That's an angle I've never seen. How many skeeter bites did you get taking this shot?
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