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Wow! So there are trains running on the Arica - La Paz line these days? What is the trafic? How many trains? Going through to Bolivia? Please tell us more... Thanks Jean-Marc
Posted by Domingo Kauak A. on May 14, 2018 
Jean Marc, currently the only traffic on that line is this touristic train, going to Poconchile and, sometimes, Central nearly twice a month (on saturday) in this time of the year. There is no revenue freight service right now or trains beyond Central on the chilean side of the railroad (maybe a speeder or even a MoW train, but no more than that).
Posted by Entre Durmientes (Mauro C.) on May 14, 2018 
@Jean-Marc, In addition to the information delivered by Domingo Kauak, i can add that there is currently no traffic to Bolivia, along this line (FCALP). In recent years, the train that has gone the furthest, has been to Visviri, on the border between Chile and Bolivia, but only in a couple of opportunities. The political controversy between Chile and Bolivia, for the demand of going out to sea and the current limits treaty, has made it difficult for this railroad to be used in its entirety, considering that currently the line is 100% operational. The only thing that there is for now, are departures of tourist trains, some up to Poconchile, and others to Central Station.
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Thanks to both for your information. Are there any talks or efforts to improve the situation? Do you think that there are good perspectives for the future?
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